T-away (15 minutes)

Throw your camouflage stick away! The T-away quickly removes any blemishes like rosacea, spider nevi removal and liver spots. And it does this within seconds!

How does it work?

We dot the blemishes using the special T-away pen that conducts ultra-high voltage alternating current. The results are immediate: burst veins are destroyed in seconds and skin tags are removed at the root. The treatment is short and the pain minimal. T-away is the best way to treat:

  • rosacea (burst veins)
  • spider nevi (spider shaped burst veins)
  • blood blisters
  • liver spots
  • senile warts

How often?

One treatment is often enough. But bear in mind that spots, burst veins and warts can always return. If you have several skin problems we will estimate the course of treatment during your first session. Then you know what you can expect.

Do I need to prepare for the treatment?

No, everybody can do this treatment. But to be sure, ask for us advice upfront. And if you like you can make an appointment straightaway. After the treatment stay away from the sun for six weeks and protect your skin well.