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Our French “hero brand,” all contemporary, but born 50 years ago from the unique vision of biologist Yvan Allouche, his wife Josette and their son Dr. Philippe Allouche. The products contain high concentrations – up to 20% – of “cold pressed” active botanical and marine ingredients. Made without artificial fragrances, parabens and silicones. Dr. Allouche compares the skin to a house: if the roof leaks, the interior can no longer be protected from outside influences. Thorough craftsmanship is therefore required. In recent years, Biologique Recherche formulas have been updated. Biologique Recherche offers a whole range of facial and body treatments that, uniquely, are preceded by a dermacosmetic diagnosis. That analysis is performed with the unique measurement tool Skin Instant ©Lab. Based on the outcome, a personalized treatment is created, tailored exactly to the needs of your skin. More high-tech tools are used: the Module Remodeling Face, a bioelectric instrument that emits micro-currents that tone facial muscles and stimulate cell renewal. Special Massage Gloves allow for better absorption of active ingredients. Finally, we have the ice-cold Cryosticks for cooling and fighting redness. Not many salons in the Netherlands work with this cult brand, so come meet it!


A “doctors brand” from South Africa that excels in skin improvement and skin rejuvenation. We chose Nimue because we find it very innovative and the results are insane. The focus of facials is on the cause of any problems. Nimue has skin-enhancing products and peels that stimulate the skin’s healing ability in such a way that short-term results are visible. The products are created thanks to a blend of biotechnology, homeopathy and aromatherapy. In addition to skin rejuvenation – thanks to fruit acids and retinol – and repair, anti-oxidation and sun protection are important. Those considering a cosmetic procedure are in good hands with Nimue; its products also address pre- and post-operative applications. Nimue derma-cosmeceuticals influence skin functions so positively that a visibly healthy and optimally functioning skin is possible.


Ancient Japanese wisdom and knowledge of Asian healing traditions: ‘Harmonizing & Care’ is the credo of Sensai, which has been combining science, natural ingredients and massage techniques in salon treatments for 70 years. Restoring the natural balance or harmony (Shin-Ki-Tai) is important for beauty and sense of well-being. Care stands for the extremely caring way in which the treatments and products are formulated. Sensai uses the Japanese Double Cleansing, Double Moisturizing and Double Application. After a treatment, your skin feels as if it has been wrapped in silk. And that’s because all Sensai products contain Japanese Koishimaru silk (the world’s most precious), which instantly improves your skin and gives it radiance. Sensai also re-energizes your skin (Qi), improves circulation (Ketsu) and restores moisture (Sui). Your skin will feel reborn, take it from us.


Hip, but that’s not why we chose this British wellness brand. Well because Lola’s Apothecary is holistic, a brand where wellness, nature, aromatherapy and craftsmanship come together. Lola’s Apothecary wellness products are handmade in small batches, based on essential oils. The beautiful and wonderfully scented products are in glass, vegan friendly and cruelty-free. Perfect for our body massages, and more.


It couldn’t be more sustainable: this Dutch brand (that saves transportation!) uses residual streams from the food industry, think tomato and carrot. Food for Skin has so-called micro-nutrients for the skin, vegan and cruelty-free. All products are 100% natural, free of microplastics and are good for you AND the planet. The founders of Food for Skin, sisters Angela and Cathy Ursem, joined forces for the brand. One is a skin specialist, the other a brand builder. Their approach and no-nonsense products appealed to us, made in Holland we liked for our and your footprint.


Red lipstick is fabulous we think. We chose IKA Beauty’s 100% vegan lipsticks not only because of the awardwinning, bright yellow packaging that makes the capsule collection a party. Indeed, the lipsticks themselves, for now three punchy shades of red, have the exact right texture and staying power we were looking for. And take note: founder Kristina has many more plans. Come meet IKA Beauty in our lounge.


The Gelbottle is fairly new but already has cult status, and rightfully so. TGB is the brand of British nail professional Daisy Kalnina. She makes 100% vegan gel nail polish and Peacci, “regular” vegan nail polish where all the nasties have been omitted from it. The “Builder in a Bottle” philosophy is special: the durability of the nail polish makes this brand unique. Of course, the large number of colors was also a deciding factor. All seasons, all nudes, all fashion colors, the selection is just amazing. So all manicure and varnish treatments at TOB are done with TGB.


We are raising the bar when it comes to organic skincare with the introduction of the new holistic AMAZING SPACE for the Netherlands, a Danish organic brand. Created in 2006 from the wellness philosophy of founder Laura Bonné: good for a healthy life, good for healthy skin. Laura has already published several books on health and lifestyle and sees skin care as part of broader self-care. In particular, sensitive skin, which we see more and more in the West, benefits from the benefits of purely natural ingredients.