Our Values

Beauty from within may seem like an empty term, at Tour of Beauty we sincerely fill this term with love, ambition and respect.

With love for the craft, reflected in our caring for each other and for the customer, attention to detail, and of course in the hands of our experts.

With ambition and professionalism, because every day we want to get better at what we do, to get the best out of our colleagues, out of our professional team. We make it possible for our experts to undergo training and further development, increase knowledge.

After all, we believe in teamwork, because together we are strong.

Although everyone on our team has a own vision and opinions, we recognize the importance of each other’s strengths.

Respect so too, for each other, for our customers – regardless of status, creed, race or culture – and for nature and our environment. Respect in the form of the responsibility we take for doing our job, for the client who puts his trust in us.

Finally, we fill in the term with empathy, make every effort to understand the customer, put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, as well as our colleagues. So that together we can live out this vision. With the goal of a more beautiful world, containing the best version of you-and ourselves.

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