What's in a name?

Tour of Beauty truly offers you a beauty trip, with beauty treatments from head to toe. Performed by experts, with the latest products and according to the latest findings. Tour of Beauty specializes in luxury facials, body treatments, makeup, mani- and pedicures and much more. Wellness in the broadest sense of the word. We even have a cosmetic doctor for injectables. Of course, there are also beauty treatments for men.

The friendly beauty boutique.

Biologique Recherche

Our French “hero brand,” all contemporary, but born 40 years ago from the unique vision of biologist Yvan Allouche, his wife Josette and their son Dr. Philippe Allouche. The products contain high concentrations – up to 20% – of “cold pressed” active botanical and marine ingredients. Made without artificial fragrances, parabens and silicones.


We are raising the bar when it comes to organic skincare with the introduction of the new holistic AMAZING SPACE for the Netherlands, a Danish organic brand. Created in 2006 from the wellness philosophy of founder Laura Bonné: good for a healthy life, good for healthy skin. Laura has already published several books on health and lifestyle and sees skin care as part of broader self-care. In particular, sensitive skin, which we see more and more in the West, benefits from the benefits of purely natural ingredients.


Red lipstick is fabulous we think. We chose IKA Beauty’s 100% vegan lipsticks not only because of the awardwinning, bright yellow packaging that makes the capsule collection a party. Indeed, the lipsticks themselves, for now three punchy shades of red, have the exact right texture and staying power we were looking for. And take note: founder Kristina has many more plans. Come meet IKA Beauty in our lounge.

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