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OUR TEAM: for advice and tips, lots of tips

We are good listeners and after our analysis we will give you a professional skin advice. Fact is that beautiful skin takes time and therefore we create a treatment plan, together with you. And we feel happy to let you try products for your own comparison. All our team members are results-oriented and love to advice you about all different treatments, equipment en the relevant products in our range. And also for body we recommend our Endermologie LPG treatments, again because of the results. If you enjoy having a good conversation and like to exchange tips during a treatment or you prefer quitness, please let us know, we will take all your wishes serious.

ANOEK: lots of beauty experience, good advice

Anoek is a beautician with a lot of experience and loves her profession. She has many regular clients she has been treating for years. Anoek is calm and careful and is happy to advise you, in this regard those years of experience come in handy. French brand Biologique Recherche knows Anoek to perfection, as does Japanese Sensai. She also enjoys working with the Dermapen and Remodeling Face, equipment she knows they give results. Facials and body treatments are both equally dear to her, both LPG massages and body massages Anoek loves fashion trends and is happy to give you makeup advice before you leave. No wonder customers love coming back to her.

MERVE: interactive source of inspiration

Beauty and brains you could say, because in addition to her work as a beauty expert, Merve is doing an HBO course in European Studies. Because of her interest in other cultures, her way of life -vegan and very conscious- also the conversations with Merve about our eco-beauty footprint are often fascinating and inspiring. She is good at explaining the effect of her treatments and what the products do. Tailors it to your needs and is happy to help you make – sustainable – choices. She becomes very happy with the Connective Tissue massages she gives, which have the effect of a “Natural Facelift. Bet that will make you happy too.

SUZANNE: all-rounder and acne specialist

She has enough in a few words, works efficiently and is incisive, traits that come in handy with her specialization in acne. So Suzanne treats many young people with skin problems, and she does so very concretely and down to earth. She can clearly explain the importance of proper cleansing and what nutrition does for the skin. All to the delight of many a mother as well. Suzanne likes treatments that give results, such as those from Biologique Recherche and Nimue. She likes no nonsense products and honest ingredients. Hold on: she is also great with feet, loves makeup and also bridal makeup and paints nails with a steady hand, both with regular polish and -vegan- gel polish.

DOMYNTHE: “Beauty is health, health is beauty”

Domynthe is a very talented therapist and specialised in Biologique Recherche, Amazing Space, Food for Skin and Sensai facials. Beside of these treatments, she is insurance-qualified for acne treatments. She is a truly  trend watcher, is closely following the developments in the field of beauty, health, styling, fashion trends and socials. Critical as she is, that makes her so motivated to get the best out of every treatment, with the best result for your skin. In addition to her skills as a beautician, she has a nice warm personality with a sincere interest in everyone. When you have an appointment at Domynthe, you will experience a warm welcome. In addition to her work, Domynthe has 2 other great loves: Italy and Frisian horse riding. She can’t stop talking about it, so a pleasant contact is guaranteed.

LEANNE: our cosmetic doctor

Leanne runs her own clinic as a cosmetic doctor and has worked at Tour of Beauty since 2018. A treatment with injectables (fillers and botox) or, for example, an eyelid correction has everything to do with trust, and this is how our fine cooperation arose. Leanne is by no means a basic doctor: she graduated as a plastic surgeon and added the Master’s in Cosmetic Medicine. She knows exactly how to maintain a natural look because she knows the anatomy of the face like no other. Because the world of injectables does not stand still, Leanne often attends international conferences to keep her knowledge of treatments and products at the highest level. She takes the time during a consultation to listen to you carefully and translates your wishes into a treatment that enhances your radiance. A consultation is always a pleasure, also because of her cordiality. If you would like to make an appointment with Leanne in 2024, you can make a reservation 10 January – 10 February – 13 March – 17 April – 18 May – 12 June. If you prefer another date, please contact us directly.

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