Treat yourself to a pedicure – not only your feet, but also your posture and the rest of your body will benefit from proper foot care. Any specific problems, such as callouses, corns or nail problems, can be treated at our boutique. We would love see you walking out pain-free, relaxed and with a spring in your step.

Basic pedicure

Dry, rough feet? Or hard skin on your heels? Our short feet and nail treatment will have your feet looking perfect again in no time! We will remove hard skin and bumps, hydrate the skin, and polish and file your nails.

French Pedicure

An absolute classic that still looks beautiful and natural – soft pinks nails with white tips. The French Manicure is also a great way of hiding short nails, as the white tips makes your nails look longer.


Not enough time to do your nails? OPI GelColor will keep your nails looking beautiful for at least two weeks. This special, long-lasting gel nail polish is perfect when you are going on holiday. The nail polish dries instantly, so we make sure it is applied by one of our skillful and professional beauticians. GelColor feels the same as regular nail polish and is easy to remove.

Perfect Nails

Well-maintained nails in your favourite colour! Choose from our wide variety of colours, from trendy to classy, and one of our professionals will apply it for you. No more excuses to not wear those sexy peep toes!


A paraffin bath is a great boost for your skin – it stimulates skin renewal and hydrates the skin. Paraffin recovers damaged skin, cracked heels, dry cuticles and xerotic eczema. The result is soft, supple, elastic and visibly younger skin – the perfect supplement to the basic pedicure!

Spa Pedicure

Tired or sore feet? Or are you looking for some real pampering? Treat yourself to this extremely relaxing and elaborate pedicure! The treatment consists of a relaxing foot bath, a deep cleansing exfoliation and a stimulating paraffin packaging. A special massage will relieve you of any stress you might feel in your feet and legs. This treatment will cleanse and hydrate the skin, and stimulate the blood circulation, leaving you with younger looking skin. You will walk out with a spring in your step.

Super Pedicure

Tired or sore feet? Or are you looking for some relaxation? Treat yourself to a Super Pedicure! A long, deep massage will relieve you of any stress you might feel in your feet and legs, and will stimulate the circulation. This treatment is so relaxing that you might not want to get up again!