Nimue ensure superior immediately visible skin improvements. Nimue’s ingredients raise the health, balance and restoration of your skin. The Nimue treatments are suitable for all skin types but particularly suitable to solve persistent skin problems such as acne- or pigment problems, sensitive or stressed skin.

Nimue Core Plus Support Facial Treatment – 60 minutes

A gentle cleansing and active treatment with a beautiful and radiant effect of your skin. Improves elasticity of your skin. During the treatment, impurities are removed, and the eyebrows are epilated. In consultation this treatment can be extended with a special mask for your skin condition.

Suitable for all skin types.

Nimue Facial Deluxe Treatment – 75 minutes

The extensive luxury anti-aging facial treatment of Nimue. During this treatment the most beautiful, active ingredients will be used which guarantees an improved skin texture. A real boost for your skin! Natural impurities are removed and  eyebrows are epilated. In consultation this treatment can be extended with a special mask.

Suitable for all skin types.

Nimue Facial Anti Wrinkle Treatment – 75 minutes

The most result-oriented and intensive facial. You can expect an increased elasticity, resilience and suppleness of your skin after treatment. Refines and gives a radiant skin. During the treatment the best serums and boosters of Nimue will be massaged into your skin and of course a special mask is not missing in the treatment protocol.

Suitable for all skin types.

Nimue Glycolic Peeling – 75 minutes

This is an active cleansing peeling, intended for a damaged, problematic or hyper-pigmented skin. The glycolic peel treatment ensures complete removal of dead skin cells. After the treatment you will experience an improved texture and appearance of your skin.

Nimue TCA Peeling – 75 minutes

An intensive skin improving peeling. Especially suitable for acne or acne scars, large pores, a sallow skin or damaged skin. TCA (trichloroacetic acid) is a natural, mild exfoliating liquid that some layers of dead skin cells removes. It is important to use a sunblock after this peeling! Get advice of our skin specialists  whether this treatment is right for you.

Nimue Acne Treatment – 60 minutes

This active peeling soothes your skin, and restores the balance of sebum production and the general skin condition. Get advise what can this treatment can do for you. Reimbursement of costs by your healthinsurance is usually possible.

Suitable for an acne skin.

Nimue Pigment Treatment – 60 minutes

A professional treatment if your skin is affected by hyperpigmentation or sun damage. During this peeling a cocktail of active ingredients and acids create  rejuvenating effects to your skin and destroys pigment accumulation. The result is a greatly improved skin texture with a smooth skin color.