CARITA’s philosophy on beauty is based on performing the right rituals. For CARITA every method has four steps: prepare, activate, disclose and refine. This will cleanse the skin, tackle any problems, allow the skin to recover and improve the texture of your skin.

Many CARITA treatments include a massage with Cinetic Lift Expert. This piece of equipment combines electric power, ultrasound and led technology to have a lifting effect. Even after just one treatment you will see 23% more glow and 31% fewer wrinkles.

Les Mythiques – Basic Treatment – 60 minutes

The basic treatment offers the best of CARITA’s innovations and technologies. The treatment consists of:

  • cleansing
  • epilation
  • Rénovateur (exfoliation)
  • vapozone
  • removal of impurities
  • mask
  • moisturising

Suitable for all skin types.

Douceur de Coton Treatment – 90 minutes

In addition to Les Mythiques, this calming and soothing treatment includes two shaping massages with rich skin products, the Rénovateur and the Cinetic Lift Expert. This will make you skin look visibly calmer and give you a smooth complexion.

Suitable for the sensitive skin.

Diamant de Beauté Precious Ceremony – 105 minutes

An exceptional ritual, based on gemstones and minerals, that consists of three cycles: the source of peace (relaxation), vitality (rebirth) and youth (regeneration) of the skin. The result will be a visibly stronger, smoother and fuller skin.

Suitable for all skin types.

Hydratation des Lagons Treatment – 90 minutes

This wonderful hydrating treatment includes Les Mythiques, shaping facial massages and a refreshing and hydrating facial bath. This bath, made with lagoon water from Polynesia, is high in calcium and magnesium, leaving your skin subtle, soft and glowing.

Suitable for the dehydrated, dull skin.

Lift Fermeté Treatment – 105 minutes

A revitalising and refreshing skin care ritual that will make your skin stronger and more elastic. This shaping massage with the Cinetic Lift Expert and high-quality anti-aging products has an immediate smoothing effect as well.

Suitable for the more mature skin.

Lisse Suprême Treatment – 90 minutes

An intensive anti-aging treatment that tackles wrinkles, both in the younger and more mature skin. In addition to Les Mythiques you will have a special facial mask that fills fine lines and wrinkles, and anti-aging massages with Rénovateur and the Cinetic Lift Expert.

Suitable for all skin types.

Pureté de Papaya Treatment – 90 minutes

A cleansing and purifying treatment that improves the texture of your skin and the clarity of your complexion. The massages with Rénovateur and Cinetic Lift Expert will prevent the first signs of skin aging. Also includes Les Mythiques.

Suitable for the combined and oily skin.