Biologique Recherche is well-known for the use of ‘raw’ ingredients and therefore the high concentration of ingredients in the products. Each treatment starts with the skin analysis using the Skin Instant lab, a proved innovation of Biologique Recherche. The skin analysis results are translated into your customized treatment. Biologique Recherche treatments are very effective and guarantee a unique experience. The massages stimulate the blood circulation of the skin and activate the facial muscles (skin fitness). Experience the magic of natural botox and the ‘glow’ of Biologique Recherche in our brand expert center of the Netherlands .

Skin Instant Lab skin diagnosis – 30 minutes

The unique skin diagnosis is the first phase of the Biologique Recherche Method. The Skin Instant Lab is a critical measuring instrument that identifies many major aspects of your skin condition.

Customized Facial Treatment -60-90-120 minutes

This personalised treatment offers you all the advantages of the unique method of Biologique Recherche. This is Haute Couture for your skin! Your Biologique Recherche professional first carries out the Skin Instant Lab diagnosis, so that she will propose the most suitable treatment for your skin.

Lift CVS – 60 minutes

An exfoliating and strong lifting treatment in combination with stimulating ‘shaping’ massage techniques. This treatment provides a refined, smoother and lifted skin of your face, neck and décolleté. You and others will see directly the unique and distinctive ‘glow’ of Biologique Recherche! Very suitable for the mature skin.

MC 110 – 60 minutes

An effective treatment that reduces wrinkles and lines. The “MC 110” ingredients develop and boost a strong improvement of your skin condition. For the best sustainable results we advise to start with 3 sessions with intervals of one week, followed by an MC 110 treatment every quarter.

Restructurant & Lissant – 60 minutes

A strongly draining and lifting treatment that provides a huge immediate improvement of the condition of the epidermis. Treat yourself the best and give yourself the natural botox of Biologique Recherche! Suitable for the younger or mature skin.

Masque Acides de Fruits – 60 minutes

A pithy treatment that exfoliates and regenerates the skin with the best fruit acids. Suitable for a wrinkled, lackluster and thick skin.

Masque Exfoliant P50 – 60 minutes

A treatment with a main role for the famous “P50”  lotions! A perfect treatment that works effectively on keratinized skin and irregularities in the micro-profile of the skin. The treatment restores the softness and radiance of your face in a natural way.