Oxygen Therapy (60 minutes)

Oxygen therapy is the best option if you are impatient – you see the results within 45 minutes! This treatment is effective for dull, tight and tired skin. Crows’ feet, laughter lines, frown lines and wrinkles visibly melt away. The combination of oxygen, state-of-the-art technology and highly valuable serums do their work gently and painlessly. This is a relaxing treatment!

How does it work?

We will discuss which serum best suits your skin. We will then mix this serum with oxygen in the Oxygen Therapy unit and spray it over your face. The oxygen facilitates the absorption of the serum and this gives immediate results. There are different mixtures for different treatments for repairing the skin, stimulating the collagen production and lightening pigmentation. We can also slow down the development of new wrinkles, frown lines and laughter lines.

How often?

That depends on your skin and your wishes. We advise doing a course after which you can return every six weeks or so to maintain the results. We would be pleased to advise you about the best treatment for you.

Do I need to prepare for the treatment?

No. Everybody can do this treatment. You can make an appointment straightaway.