After a long day at work, a nerve-wrecking presentation, busy period or intensive work period, it is time to relax. Treat yourself to a lovely long massage! Just lie back and relax or let one of our experienced masseuses treat a specific issue. Or why not combine both? Our massage treatments are perfect for expats and business people who are looking for a moment to relax in their busy schedules.

Connective Tissue – 60 minutes

The body’s connective tissue contains nerves that are connected to organs, muscles and other parts of the body. If there is a problem in the body, this layer can be extra sensitive. During this massage we will use roller heads to loosen the connective tissue and carefully reduce this, sometimes painful, sensitivity.

Hot Stone – 60 minutes

Black basalt stones, with their high percentage of iron and magnesium, have extraordinary powers. They can be used to detox and their magnetic powers renew your body’s energy. This massage with hot stones and essential oils is perfect for treating:

  • tension or stress
  • sore muscles and fibromyalgia
  • joint pain such as rheumatism and arthritis
  • digestive problems
  • poor blood circulation

The Classic – 60 minutes

This classis body massage focusses on your muscles and connective tissue. The firm kneading and rubbing will loosen your muscles and connective tissue, and will improve your overall circulation.

Full Body – 30 minutes

A full body massage is a perfect treat! We will spend 30 minutes massaging the muscles in your neck, back, arms and legs. A massage is more than just relaxing – it improves your blood circulation, your metabolism and helps to detox.

Shiatsu – 60 minutes

This pressure points massage with thumbs, fingers and palms of the hand focuses on the areas of your body that cause discomfort. Shiatsu is beneficial for sufferers of:

  • anxiety and depression
  • asthma symptoms
  • high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • headaches, period pain and migraine
  • nausea and digestive problems
  • backaches
  • trouble sleeping
  • sports injuries

Sport massage – 60 minutes

Enjoyed your work-out? Time to lie back and relax during your massage! During the intensive treatment we will massage your muscles – you will feel your tiredness and pain fade away. It will also ease any sport injuries you might have.