Oxygen and vitamins Using 95% oxygen, supplemented with active serums and hyaluronic acid, a boost is given to your skin under light pressure that mimics a “filler effect. Your skin is instantly firmer, lifted and looks radiant, lines and wrinkles are significantly less visible. The active ingredients in the serums – think peptides, hyaluronic acid, […]


Anti-signs-of-fatigue Does your skin look tired? That fatigue disappears with this intensive treatment using products from the Sensai Extra Intensive line that have a revitalizing effect. Part of this facial is the Extra Intensive Mask and the accompanying relaxing Japanese massage technique. Your skin is like reborn. XX minutes, €


For resilient, strong skin In a word a boost for your skin, a treatment that gives your skin new energy and makes it more resistant to external influences (think air pollution, sun), influences that accelerate skin aging. Using Siberian ginseng and the plant extracts that make Sothys products so effective. X minutes, €


With all the benefits of glycollic acid Glycolic acid is extracted from sugar cane and consists of very small molecules that easily penetrate the skin, making it effective against various skin problems. It acts anti-inflammatory – good against acne – and moisturizes. The skin also becomes more capable of retaining moisture. A NIMUE Glycol Peeling […]


Advanced and multifunctional The Dermapen is a form of microneedling that creates micro channels in the skin so that up to 80% more active ingredients can be absorbed by the skin. The skin then initiates the healing process and behold: overall skin improvement is the result. The skin becomes firmer, smoother, more elastic, less sallow […]

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