And one less problem Unwanted hair on the chin has also had its day with our Skin’s Wax. XX minutes, € The Extra Tours can be booked in conjunction with another treatment.


Problem solved Hairs on the upper lip are really not taboo with us, our experts remove them in no time with the painless Skins’ Wax. XX minutes €


May we show you something? Many women make themselves up the same way all their lives, which is a shame because does that look still suit you? With your (new) hair color, your new job? Our professionals accentuate the beautiful points in your face with the latest techniques – such as shaping – according to […]


That’s nice and convenient It’s nice waking up with dyed eyelashes, and giant handy for the vacations. This job is done extremely meticulously by our experts. Even if you do use mascara, dyed lashes are a great foundation for a beautiful eye look.


For an open mind Epilation alone is also possible, of course. We give your eyebrows the most beautiful shape and clear the skin around the eyebrows of hairs. Painless and professional. For a beautiful, open look.


Leave them to an expert That eyebrow shaping is harder than you think you know if you’ve plucked incorrectly yourself, or hairs aren’t coming back after a plucking session at home. So have an expert take a good look at your face and determine the shape and color of your eyebrows. They are so important […]

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