At 1 on the list of cosmetic procedures One of the most effective rejuvenating treatments to improve overall appearance. Upper eyelid surgery is an inherently minor procedure that restores a tired look – due to sagging eyelids – to a fresher, more youthful appearance. There may also be medical reasons to choose blepharoplasty, such as […]


For fresh, glowing skin Hyaluronic acid is used in addition to fillers to firm the skin overall and thus tighten it. The Profhilo treatment is a modern “skin booster” with proven results. Through the administration of very small injections of hyaluronic acid, the skin visibly improves and also resurfaces itself to combat sagging. A win-win […]


Natural refresher Hyaluronic acid fillers are used with us for “positive aging,” not to change your face, but to naturally slow aging. They are biodegradable and can improve various areas of the face. Slack cheeks, narrowed lips, drooping corners of the mouth, they can give you a tired or sad expression. Fillers come in various […]


Multi purpose The injectable botulinum A toxin, also called Botox (a brand name), temporarily reduces excessive muscle activity (mimicry), making lines and wrinkles less visible. Botulinum A toxin has been used for more than 30 years to soften frown lines, forehead lines and lines around the mouth. It can also elevator the brow slightly, making […]

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