Smooth skin from head to toe The famous P50 exfoliating lotion also comes for the body, and every Biologique Recherche body treatment begins with Lotion P50, which removes dead skin cells. With a special massage glove, we stimulate the smoothing effect. The skin becomes soft and glowing and absorbs actives better. We end with a […]


Against heavy, tired legs They are often ignored, but after a Legs Firming and Lifting Treatment from Biologique Recherche, you notice how heavy and tired your legs were when you came in. For people who sit a lot, stand a lot or suffer from tired legs for other reasons. Our expert will discuss the frequency […]


Soon to be back in bikini A body firming treatment with extra attention to cellulite. Special massage techniques ensure a better blood circulation, an improved contour and accelerated removal of waste products. For best results – soon back in bikini?- we recommend a series of massages, preferably well before the vacation. XX minutes €


Connective tissue massage French Biologique Recherche calls it the “Palper Rouler Massage,” an anti cellulite massage of the underlying connective tissue that tightens the skin and drains waste products. Cellulite reduces. This treatment is done with a combination of massage techniques and the best results are seen after a series. In consultation with our expert, […]

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