Enjoy, we’ll do the rest Have you been working hard, are you (too) busy and your body feels tense? Our classic Relaxing Massage is a well-deserved moment of rest and deep relaxation. We work with the wonderfully scented products from Lola’s Apothecary that not only rebalance your body, but also recharge your battery. XX minutes, […]


Clean inside and out A body massage is a great experience that can have several effects. In addition to relaxing and revitalizing, massage can be detoxifying. In a Detox Massage, the focus is on the lymphatic system, a network that allows the body to get rid of toxins and waste products that come into the […]


High tech contouring An advanced method to tone the body, reduce cellulite, break down fat and “tighten” the skin from head to toe: in the Endermology method, our expert uses a massaging and “suction” device that improves the skin and slims the body. For this high tec massage, you get to wear a special bodysuit […]

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