High tec skin advice Meet the unique analysis of Biologique Recherche, the The Skin Instant© Lab that measures the 5 main skin functions of your skin (hydration, moisture loss, elasticity, pigmentation, sebum) and after an analysis by the computer, gives a perfect skin advice. The Skin Instant© Lab precedes each Biologique Recherche treatment so that […]


A hydration boost of sorts This is the most talked about treatment of this cult French brand, and for good reason. Seconde Peau is a unique “second skin” treatment inspired by cosmetic procedures and as an alternative to fillers. This thanks to a restorative and lifting mask of medical origin, packed with pharmaceutical hyaluronic acid […]


Brightening and smoothing There is also a mask of the famous Lotion P 50, and it is central to this smoothing and restorative treatment. It brightens your complexion, makes your skin smoother and softer, and a beautiful glow appears as a bonus here as well. For face, neck and décolleté. XX minutes, €


Against sallow skin with wrinkles Is your skin dull and do you see too many wrinkles? This restorative and exfoliating treatment with fruit acids smoothes your skin and refines its stucture. Neck and cleavage are also included. With a fresh glow as an added benefit. XX minutes


Fresh and smoother Suitable for all skin types: this highly moisturizing and restorative facial with its unique application technique refreshes the skin, makes it smoother and firmer. Particularly suitable for sensitive, dull skin. After the treatment, the skin’s moisture level is in order for a long time, hence the beautiful new glow. XX minutes, €

MC 110

Against fine lines and wrinkles A treatment with the same name as Biologique Recherche’s famous booster Lotion MC 110. This treatment against fine lines and wrinkles restores volume and suppleness to the face and makes dull skin shiny again. Neck and cleavage are not forgotten.XX minutes, €

Elevator C.V.S.

A manual facelift Think of this treatment as a manual facelift achieved through lifting, vibrating and smoothing massage techniques. Because the Biologique Recherche products used-a combination of micro-crystalline algae, silk extracts and natural amino acids-also exfoliate (remove dead skin cells so that beautiful new skin emerges), the result is improved, firmed skin texture. XX minutes, […]

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