Skin consulting

Before your treatment starts, we first make a good analysis of your skin condition.
Because every skin, in every season and condition is different.
That is why a good analysis of your skin 
is important to be able to advise you properly and to choose the right treatment.
With the Skin Instant Lab from Biologique Recherche, we can also measure the degree of hydration, pigmentation and elasticity, which provides even more information about your skin.

How do you take care of your skin, which skin care routines do you like and what would you like to work on?
During a skin consultation we advise you on the most suitable treatments and effective use of products.

For an extensive skin consultation, we would like to make an appointment with you and take the time for you.
We can even do a skin consultation online, because if you don’t live nearby, we can still give you good advice.  Make your skin consultation
appointment here:

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