Smooth skin from head to toe The famous P50 exfoliating lotion also comes for the body, and every Biologique Recherche body treatment begins with Lotion P50, which removes dead skin cells. With a special massage glove, we stimulate the smoothing effect. The skin becomes soft and glowing and absorbs actives better. We end with a […]


Against heavy, tired legs They are often ignored, but after a Legs Firming and Lifting Treatment from Biologique Recherche, you notice how heavy and tired your legs were when you came in. For people who sit a lot, stand a lot or suffer from tired legs for other reasons. Our expert will discuss the frequency […]


Soon to be back in bikini A body firming treatment with extra attention to cellulite. Special massage techniques ensure a better blood circulation, an improved contour and accelerated removal of waste products. For best results – soon back in bikini?- we recommend a series of massages, preferably well before the vacation. XX minutes €


Connective tissue massage French Biologique Recherche calls it the “Palper Rouler Massage,” an anti cellulite massage of the underlying connective tissue that tightens the skin and drains waste products. Cellulite reduces. This treatment is done with a combination of massage techniques and the best results are seen after a series. In consultation with our expert, […]


Enjoy, we’ll do the rest Have you been working hard, are you (too) busy and your body feels tense? Our classic Relaxing Massage is a well-deserved moment of rest and deep relaxation. We work with the wonderfully scented products from Lola’s Apothecary that not only rebalance your body, but also recharge your battery. XX minutes, […]


Clean inside and out A body massage is a great experience that can have several effects. In addition to relaxing and revitalizing, massage can be detoxifying. In a Detox Massage, the focus is on the lymphatic system, a network that allows the body to get rid of toxins and waste products that come into the […]


High tech contouring An advanced method to tone the body, reduce cellulite, break down fat and “tighten” the skin from head to toe: in the Endermology method, our expert uses a massaging and “suction” device that improves the skin and slims the body. For this high tec massage, you get to wear a special bodysuit […]


For strong, long nails Whether these remain colored lacquered or beautiful nude. Nail lengthening is also among the possibilities. XX minutes €


We can do that like the best We work with The Gelbottle nail polish, even if you don’t have time for a mani or pedi you can get your nails painted with us. XX minutes €


Beautiful hoofs Beautiful feet Beautifully groomed feet (M/F) are also no luxury in winter. In summer, they can then go straight into open sandals. Our pedicure is relaxing and keeps feet healthy. With or without lacquer (The Gelbottle), but with is much more festive. XX minutes €

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