Tour of Beauty Christmas Wishes

The end of this challenging year is in sight and unfortunately the Netherlands is in lockdown mode again. December is an important “Month of Beauty” for us. Especially this year we would have loved nothing more than to be there for you and to provide you with our best treatments. While this cannot happen in the coming weeks, we will continue to give you our unique and most enjoyable service.

To mark our gratitude, we intended to give you an original and festive gift and hand it over personally. As that is not possible now, we will do this differently. Therefore, with every product order you place with us this month, you will receive Tour of Beauty’s exclusive Christmas gift.

And as you are used to, we turn every order into a festive present and deliver that to your home personally as much as we can so that we ensure that you will receive your order in time for Christmas. Upon receipt of your order, we will send you a payment link, with which you can easily make an online  payment from home.

If you have any questions about your skin care or product choice in the meantime, we will be happy to advise you online (by Teams or Zoom), by email or by telephone. So contact us at or call 070 – 36 23 163.

In this newsletter we hope to inspire you with products that give you a wonderful  feeling of luxury and festive ambiance at home. Now that you will spend so much more time at home, it is worthwhile investing in things you really enjoy.

We wish you good health and (in spite of everything) special and enjoyable Christmas days, as much as possible with those who are dear to you.


Anoek, Ivy, Loïs, Merve, Nikki, Suzanne, Yentl, Jos and Léonie


2020… what a year! It was very intense for everyone. I wish that you stay healthy and hope to see you again soon in the new year. Merry Christmas!

My advice for you

If you opt for luxury and refined skin care, I can wholeheartedly recommend our latest limited sets from the Sensai Ultimate line. (Great tip for a super luxurious Christmas present!)


How I would have liked to receive you this month for a festive December treatment! Unfortunately, that will not happen this year. Despite everything, I wish you a merry and special Christmas.

My advice for you

As you are being more at home, I would recommend a delicious and effective Masque de Biologique Recherche. Please contact me, so that I can advise and guide you in your choice.


I honestly can’t wait for the new year to start. The past year asked all of us to keep pushing the cart, and that has sometimes been difficult. Fortunately, my colleagues and I have remained healthy.  I can see a bright spot in the arrival of a vaccine. Enjoy a beautiful Christmas season with your family and friends.

My advice for you

Perhaps this period is the right time to give an extra boost to your day or night cream. You can achieve that with one of the many super serums from Biologique Recherche. Depending on your skin condition and the cream you use, I will gladly advise you on the optimal serum choice for you.


I could not have imagined that I would end up in such a rollercoaster after the birth of my 2nd son. How good it was when Tour of Beauty reopened in May and what a disappointment that we now have to stop our treatments again. I wish everyone extra positivity, happy holidays and above all: stay healthy. Hopefully we will see you soon in the new year.

My advice for you

Of course you can still wear luxurious and festive make-up during the holidays. I can expertly advise you on the perfect products and colours for you from the extensive Sensai make up collection. I would love to help you!


For me this year has really been the start of a global reboot. Never before have we felt the meaning of good health, vitality and a clean climate as strongly. I am intending to take that new consciousness into the future. Let’s be there even more for each other and take care of the vulnerable. Happy XMas.

My advice for you

Have you already met Lola’s Apothecary? A 100% vegan and natural brand with inspiring and luxurious products to create your own “Home Spa”. All products are available in different scents. Their beautiful gift sets are available especially during the month of December.

Prices from € 35.


December is the perfect atmospheric month for me. A visit to Tour of Beauty’s boutique provides such a sense of wellbeing, including the burning fireplace, Christmas decorations and all the lights. But unfortunately, t is all slightly different. It is easy to feel asnese of loss, but I want to look forward to next year, and am sure we will catch up soon, right? I wish you happy holidays.

My advice for you

Are you looking for a skincare brand “without fuss”? Then the products of the Dutch brand Vavin might be what you are looking for. A 100% fair and transparent affordable brand. The products solely consist of the skin’s own elements which stimulate the balance and health of your skin.


Even with lots of ambitions, this year has been a challenge for me! Fortunately, I was able to get married on Curaçao with the love of my life just before the 1st lockdown, but this was followed by a challenging period for me. I therefore wish you peaceful and healthy holidays together with your loved ones.

My advice for you

If you want to emphasize your natural beauty, let’s schedule a meeting when we can, so I can explain all about my vision and completely safe treatment options.

Jos & Léonie

 For many years we have been looking forward to a new location and we were delighted when we found a home for Tour of Beauty at Hooistraat 7 last year. When we had to close the doors in March and we were still living in disbelief, it was people like you who were there and came to ask: “Are you okay?” You continued to support us and we continue to feel that.  Yes, “together we can handle this”. Thank you for being there!

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