Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche

Born 40 years ago from the unique vision and passion of Josette and Yvan Allouche. Originally, they developed the best product formulas in the laboratory. Soon the BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE METHOD evolved into a clinical approach to skin care with amazingly effective results and treatments.

Skin Instant Lab

BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE METHOD assumes that your skin has many varying stages in skin condition. Over the years and even by the day, the skin is subject to changes. Factors such as hygiene, age, DNA, stress and hormones all have their impact on your skin. In addition, external factors influence such as climate, temperature, air pollution and air conditioning. Therefore, each BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE treatment is preceded by a comprehensive skin diagnosis using measurements taken by the so called “RECHERCHE”. Skin Instant Lab. The analysis of results from this are translated by the BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE professional into a customized treatment suitable for your skin condition.

BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE products are characterized by a number of specific properties:

  • High concentrations of botanical, organic and marine (algae) ingredients
  • Absence of artificial fragrances for maximum efficacy of ingredients and prevention of allergic reactions
  • High quality of ingredients used
  • Avoidance of heat during production process preserving ingredient efficacy

You can experience the magic of BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE in qualified salons and spas in more than 70 countries and at Tour of Beauty in The Hague!

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