Amazing Space

Amazing Space

We are raising the bar when it comes to organic skincare with the introduction of the new holistic AMAZING SPACE for the Netherlands, a Danish organic brand. Created in 2006 from the wellness philosophy of founder Laura Bonné: good for a healthy life, good for healthy skin.

Laura has already published a number of books on health and lifestyle and sees skin care as part of the broader self care. In particular, sensitive skin, which we see more and more in the West, benefits from the benefits of purely natural ingredients. Every AMAZING SPACE product (face, body, baby, nutritional supplements) is an experience in terms of texture, ingredients, fragrance, effectiveness and design and was developed under Laura’s supervision. Timeless, organic, luxurious and yet simple.

The quality of the brand was the reason that we really go for it, in addition, the 5 core values immediately appealed to us. Read along.

  1. Natural: Live in harmony with nature and with respect for the balance between body & mind.
  2. Innovative: Use the best research methods to translate natural ingredients into effective products and treatments
  3. Holistic: Appearance is inextricably linked to internal health and balance
  4. Inspiring: Amazing Space lets you enjoy new ideas and beauty experiences again and again
  5. Caring: Amazing Space always offers the best, builds trust and is knowledgeable

So at Tour of Beauty we strongly believe in AMAZING SPACE. AMAZING SPACE has its own spas in Scandinavia. We joined forces with Laura Bonné in Tour of Beauty to introduce you to this advanced approach to wellness through professional treatments. Curious? Book a treatment!

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