Mother Day, 12th of May, is the perfect moment to thank your mother or grandmother for her warmth, care and love! So take part in the Tour of Beauty’s Mother Day color competition and win a fantastic gift for your mother or grandmother! Take the coloring page with you and turn your mother into a colorful beauty!

Skin’s waxing

Meet Skin’s waxing, our new Best Brazilian Waxing method. The Skin’s method represents a revolution over existing wax methods: the wax enwrap the hair instead of attaching to the skin. The result is a short-term treatment in which the hairs (even short hairs!) are gently and deeply removed. Ideal for a sensitive skin! A comfortable, fast and almost pain-free treatment. In addition, your skin stays hydrated and silky smooth.

Our introduction proposal: book 2 Skin’s wax treatments on the same day, during the Skin Promotion period and receive a 50% discount on the cheapest of the 2 treatments.

LPG Time!

Summer is coming: LPG time! Buy during this Spring Promotion an LPG treatment course and you will receive an
LPG present with a value of € 50
to spend for the purchase of your LPG cosmetic product or LPG starter kit. Ask for your personal advice for which results you may expect from LPG endermology.

Save & smart sun promo

In the coming months we can enjoy the sun again! Visit a city terrace, a day at the beach or even healthier: make a nice walk in nature or a good outdoors workout. Your body will enjoy the sun but it remains important to protect your skin against long-term intensive radiation with risks of skin aging or skin cancer. During the Spring Promo Promotion you receive a

25% discount on every 2nd sun product when you purchase a Nimue, Sensai, Carita or Sothys sun product.

Carita luxury shopping

If you are a great fan of the luxury of Carita skin care, take your chance now: during the promotional period you will receive a
15% purchase discount with the purchase of 2 Carita products.

Rowena nice to meet you!

I am Rowena, skin therapist and would like to introduce myself.

Starting in April I am part of the Tour of Beauty team. My passion for skin care and cosmetics originated at a young age, so choosing this profession was a logical one. I now have extensive experience in the profession, both as a beautician and a skin therapist.

At Tour of Beauty I care for almost all treatments but my focus is mainly on skin therapy. Specific skin therapeutic treatments are often also reimbursed by your Health Insurance policy, so ask your question if you want to know more about this. I am convinced that care and attention for your skin is rewarded and I always find it a wonderful challenge to give you the best treatment and advice for the best result.

See you soon!

Tour of Beauty closed April 30

Note: Tour of Beauty became the fastest growing Carita salon in the Netherlands in 2018. To celebrate this, the entire team was invited for a visit to Maison de Beauté Carita in Paris on Tuesday 30 April, so Tour of Beauty is closed on this day.

Tour of Beauty Spring Promotion period:
25 April 2019 till 25 May 2019

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