Make it a September to Remember

3 days CARITA super prizes

27, 28 and 29 September we will offer you 20% discount on your purchase of 2 CARITA products and if you purchase 3 CARITA products we even offer you 25% discount + a free € 15 voucher for your next CARITA treatment in October 2018.

Do not wait and enjoy immediately our CARITA super promotion the next 3 days. Bring a visit to our store and if you don’t have time, use our Royal Service and order your CARITA products you want. We will deliver your CARITA products at home. E-mail your CARITA order to or call your beautician for personal advice at Tour of Beauty: 070-36 23 163.

What can Dr. Leanne Wong do for you?

In August, NVCG certified cosmetic doctor Dr. Leanne Wong joined Tour of Beauty.

Botox (for treatment of frown, forehead and crow’s feet) and
Fillers (for treatment of deep and superficial lines, cheeks, cheekbones, marionette lines, nasal folds, lips, rhinoplasty, tear drops, jawline, temples, earlobe and chin) treatments are her specialties.

But did you know, for example, that Botox helps against excessive perspiration of armpits, palms and soles?

Because we regularly receive questions about her treatment options, we would like to list a few special treatments for you.

Do not look so angry!

Do you regularly hear that you look angry or strict, and you don’t recognize it yourself? There is something to be done about that. Choose a MINI Botox or 1/5 zone. The treatment involves a small part of your face such as half a region of forehead or treating your mouth corners or your bunny lines.

Costs are € 90 for a MINI Botox

Teeth grinding

Do you know that teeth grinding can also be treated well with Botox?
Unilateral treatment is € 160 and € 280 on both sides.


Does your skin show the impact of this intensive sunny summer? Or does your skin need an effective boost and anti-aging treatment and you don’t have the time for a treatment of one hour? If that is the case you should book a Profhilo SKINBOOSTER treatment which only takes some minutes of your time. It gives your skin a boost, hydrates, strengthens and gives shine through the accelerated production of collagen and elastin. The short-term treatment consists of a course of 3 treatments with intervals of 4 weeks. € 300 per treatment. Make an appointment with Leanne Wong and discuss the possibilities for you.

Bags or dark circles under your eyes?

Do you suffer from bags or circles under your eyes and
you don’t want to be reminded daily with that?
Book a hyaluronic acid treatment with fillers for a long-term
and fresher appearance.

Price from € 395.

Lips to kiss

Nice full and attractive lips or fewer lines around your mouth?
Drop by for a consultation with Dr. Leanne Wong,
she advises you the right treatment for you. Become even more kissable!

Suzanne’s Choice

This month we asked our beautician and pedicure Suzanne which products she likes and especially why. And we make it even more attractive because until the end of September we give 10% discount on Suzanne’s Choice.

Mascara 38° from
SENSAI (€ 39.35)

What a useful and practical beauty innovation!
During the day beautiful full eyelashes by a fantastic brush
and easy to remove in the evening with warm water.

LPG Lotion against stretch
marks (€ 49.00)

LPG Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream works as a mild micro-peeling to your skin. It renews the skin and reduces and prevents stretch marks.
Very effective!

(€ 18.95)

The colors of the new OPI Peru collection are beautiful for the coming winter.
The collection consists of colors that refer to earthy, sand landscapes with mauve undertones and craft fabrics in vivid colors. Seductive deep red and bordeaux are inspired by red sand beaches, colorful historic buildings and the Peruvian flag.

Available in both OPI gel color and Infinite Shine.

OPI Callus
(€ 19.95)

A highly concentrated gel for soft and silky feet! For ultra-fast results.

Slimming and contour improvement with an LPG treatment

Thanks to an LPG treatment you can effectively and painlessly reduce persistent fat, pregnancy stretch marks and cellulite …
Sounds like a fairy tale? It is not!

What is an LPG Endermology Treatment?

During our LPG treatment body and skin parts are (painlessly) sucked up and massaged by a special device. Your skin undergoes an intensive subcutaneous treatment. This stimulates subcutaneous tissue and your body enters into its natural lipolysis (natural fat burning system of the body). Due to the different rolling techniques, fat and cellulite reduce seriously. In addition, the skin becomes firmer and tighter.
Say goodbye to cellulite!

When do you see results?

After the first LPG treatment, you can feel already changes in your body and skin. Even after the treatment, your skin will continue to change for 1 to 2 days. The expulsion of excess fluids is clearly noticeable. Your legs feel less heavy and you will experience a more vital body. After 6 LPG treatments you can not only feel the result, but you will also see it clearly!
You will see that any fat accumulation, stretch marks or cellulite have been significantly reduced. To permanently reduce unwanted fat areas and strengthen the skin, it is necessary to come back at least once a month to maintain the best result.

Personal wishes

Our LPG specialist advises you on the number of treatments that are required for the desired result.
The following body parts can be treated:
• Arms • Buttocks • Legs • Thighs • Waist • Belly • Knees • Calves
But other body zones (such as your face) can also be treated effectively.

Why should you choose an LPG Endermology treatment?

The LPG treatment stimulates blood flow, fluid drainage, natural fat burning and skin rejuvenation. This way you can tackle problem zones in a painless and relaxed way. The combination of healthy eating, more regular exercise and LPG treatments ensures wonderful results quickly.
Scarring, damage to the skin, excess fat: that is all history when you start with LPG Endermology treatments.