Electric epilation is perfect for removing unwanted hairs for good. It is very suitable for smaller areas, such as unwanted hair growth on your face.

How does it work?

As electric epilation works on all sorts of hair of every thickness and colour. We can remove almost all hairs. By using a tiny needle we will administer a small electric shock in the unwanted follicle which will destroy the hair-root. The skin will try to restore itself, so several treatments will be needed to destroy the hair-root for good. You will notice that the hairs will become thinner, even after the first treatment. The pain involved is different for every person and for every treatment. Your skin could show some redness or become slightly irritated or swollen, but this will all go away quite quickly.

How often?

This depends on how your skin recovers and on the amount of unwanted hairs. The bigger the area, the longer the treatment will take. During your first appointment we will discuss how your treatment plan will be set up, so that you know what to expect.

Do I need to prepare for the treatment?

Yes. Make sure the hairs are at least 3 mm long at the time of treatment. Between treatments you may trim or shave your hair, or use a depilatory cream, but stay away from epilation or waxing. This applies to immediately after a treatment too. Stay away from the sun for six weeks, and do not use a sun bed or tanning products. Make sure to use UVA and UVB protection to prevent skin discolouration.