LPG Endermology

Do you suffer from cellulite or unhappy with your body contours? The LPG Alliance offers you a completely natural, non-invasive, safe and painless treatment. The latest technology ensures  short-term treatments with extremely effective results. You will be really surprised!

During an intake meeting, we will tell you all about the possibilities of LPG Endermology treatments with the Alliance and what results you may expect.

How does it work?

Endermology is an intensive vacuum technique that ensures that cells in the connective tissue are “awakened” again. It is a mechanical connective tissue massage for intensive cell stimulation of the skin and underlying tissue. Endermology treatments are ideal when you suffer from:

  • cellulite
  • local fat accumulations ( or even adhesions) that do not disappear despite regular exercixe
  • loose skin after pregnancy or after weight loss
  • change of body contours through menopause

When you combine the endermology treatments with a daily healthy diet and regular exercise, you will be amazed of your own improved body contours.

How often?

That depends, of course, on your  personal situation and intended goals. For the best results, it is wise to start the endermology treatments  with a course of treatments. To maintain the results for a long time , an LPG session is recommended once a month. During an intake we will gladly advise you on the best treatment plan for you and for your specific wishes.

Do I need to prepare for the treatment?

No. In principle everybody can do the LPG Endermology treatments. You can make an appointment straightaway.