Tour of Beauty Wishes for Hope – Health and Colorful Days

How are you? We heard from many clients that most things are going well and our hope this will continue. Fortunately, covid incidents on Tour of Beauty have passed so far. This week is all about “Black Friday” and we feel it is not a year to organize it. We prefer to offer you a number of colorful benefits for a longer promotional period!

We wish you, together with your loved ones, a festive mood during the December month. And together with you, we look forward to a hopeful start of the year 2021!


If you buy Biologique Recherche products with a value of at least € 150 in our boutique or order online in the period from 27 November to 5 December, you will receive a voucher worth € 55 for the Biologique Recherche Co-factor treatment in January 2021. During the Co-factor treatment, the very best skin-improving ingredients that Biologique Recherche has to offer are added to your treatment. A sensation you want to experience.


If you buy Nimue products with a value of € 95 in our boutique in the period from 27 November to 5 December, or if you order products online, you will receive a voucher worth € 35 as a discount on a Nimue Resurfacing peeling treatment in January 2021.


Are you also overwhelmed by the discounts of the national chains and web shops? Often these discounts seem too good to be true. But the reality is less beautiful: recommended prices are deliberately stated higher, so that the discount seems better than it is. Below we list 5 examples of the SENSAI brand:

Tour of Beauty always offers you the lowest price guarantee for Sensai throughout the year. And during the promotional period we do something extra: you will receive a 20% discount on the entire Sensai range when purchasing 2 or more products. And when we are sold out, we will order the product so that you can still take advantage of the discount! You can always call or email us!


The beautiful 100% natural and vegan brand Lola’s Apothecary is introducing 2 fantastic luxury gift sets this winter with which you can create your own spa experience at home. The “Solitude in My Ice Palace” set contains 5 products, all of which provide a wonderful feeling of luxury and relaxation. Perfectly suited for an extensive “bath & body” ritual. The 5 products in the “Zesty Winter Decoration” set provide an energetic and invigorating experience during the dark and chilly winter months.

Both sets consist of a shower oil, massage oil, body polish, body soufflé and wellness tea. Enjoy the best quality and fragrances, composed of only natural ingredients. Price € 129 (normal retail value € 164).


Make your choice now for your favorite SUNDAY’s nail polish and reserve your free manicure treatment before Christmas. When purchasing 3 SUNDAY’s products during the promotional period, you will receive your personal voucher for this treatment (Tip: make your reservation on time and FULL = FULL!)

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